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Are you aware of the requirements under the EU WB Directive ?

What is a whistleblower scheme ?

Why should you choose myETHOS whistleblowing software solution?

Why is a whistleblower solution important to your business?

The importance of having a Whistleblower System

In EU, companies with more than 50 employees, as well as most government organizations are legally required to establish a whistleblowing system. Said system allows employees to submit reports of law violations and other serious matters inside the company.

A good scheme aims to establish a channel where your employees can safely report issues, inadequacies, and malfeasance in the company. All EU countries have legislation requiring certain companies to have a whistleblower system.

A whistleblowing system is a system through which employees in a company can report violations that have occurred or that may be underway. Employees can report incidents in a confidential or anonymous way. The reporting takes place through a secure channel to protect their information.

The system is most often an online solution, either a web page or an anonymous mailbox that is separate from the company's other communication channels. In this way, the anonymity and confidentiality of the employee's information are ensured.

Why is a whistleblower system important to your business?

First off, it is a legal requirement. Every company with a minimum of 50 employees, and all government organizations within the EU, are obliged by their national laws to establish a whistleblower system. Companies that provide financial services and companies at risk of money laundering are also required to establish a system, regardless of size.

When you choose a whistleblower solution that is optimally focused on end-user experience and security, you not only achieve compliance with the new regulations, you also develop a culture of trust in your organization.

Setting up a whistleblower system is a positive sign of transparency to potential employees and the community as a whole

It is a core part of your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Get ahead of future employee growth by complying with local whistleblower law

Why should you choose myETHOS whistleblower solution?

Our solution is specifically developed for the purpose of meeting the legal requirements in relation to companies' whistleblower schemes. We go 'all-in' to give you and your employees the best experience, and securing your data is our first priority.

Our platform uses end-to-end encryption, secure servers, and multi-factor authorizations to ensure your company's data is protected at all times, against all threats. Privacy is at the center of all we do.

Our software sets the industry standard for end-user experience and implementation in the context of Environmental, Social, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

What's more, the platform can be tailored to your requirements, including branding, language, information required to file a report, and much more.

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